Go Au Pair – Utah

For Au Pair and Host Families


on May 25, 2013


Congress is currently considering legislation that would overhaul our immigration system. Certain sections of the immigration bill presently being debated by the Senate would create more cost and complexity for the Au Pair Program and could greatly harm, and potentially even end, this valuable exchange.

A section of the Senate immigration bill on “the prevention of trafficking of persons” considers au pairs and other exchange visitors as “workers,” not as the cultural exchange participants they are. Such a step would:


  1. Make the program more expensive for American host families by creating new programmatic fees;
  2. Create more regulatory complexity for American host families by transferring a portion of the program’s authority from the Department of State to the Department of Homeland Security; and
  3. Endanger the future of this important cultural exchange program.


Please take two minutes today and send a letter to your Senators, asking them to oppose these provisions of the Senate immigration bill, and to support exempting au pairs and other Department of State exchange visitors from this human trafficking section.


A letter has already been drafted to go to your Senator. Please follow this link to send your letter:


You need only enter your name, address, and email, and the pre-written letter will be sent automatically to your Senators. (You may also edit the text of the letter and make it more personal if you wish.)


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