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Experience Au Pair Childcare!

on January 4, 2013

Need Childcare? Experience Au Pair Child Care!

Your experience begins when your Au Pair arrives. Day after day, you receive so much more than standard child care services and learn what sets Au Pair care apart from other forms of child care. Your Au Pair can transform your family’s life. First and foremost, you have a flexible and reliable care provider; yet, your Au Pair does much more than provide morning, daytime, before/after school and evening help. Your Au Pair often goes beyond general supervision performing other activities pertaining to your children and child care, such as:

Clean up after snack time
Bath time
Prepare, clean up children’s meals
Homework help
Driving to, pickup from school, after school sports, dance, other activities
Teaching, tutoring
Cultural sharing, language instruction
Game time
Kids laundry, ironing
Arts and crafts time
Musical support
Making kids bed, tidying up room
Outside play time
Reading time at home, at the local library
Getting ready for school in the morning, packing lunches, backpacks
Visit zoos, museums, parks, more
Sick day help, doctor visits
Potty training help
Nap time
Teach good behavior
Swimming, skiing
Play dates
Birthdays, holidays
And more!

Child care services are only a small part of the total Au Pair experience. The most extraordinary part of the Au Pair experience is the invaluable cultural exchange opportunity your family receives. As a globally aware parent, you appreciate this international young person who is your teammate in providing personalized care to your children and becomes a lifelong friend of the family. With Au Pair child care, you create awareness among your children and give them a greater appreciation of the cultural differences that exist around the world. This priceless impact makes Au Pair child care extraordinary.

My name is Erin and I am a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair.032 You can email me at emortensen@goaupair.com or call at 435-640-3536, for more information.


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